A Word About Ethics

The importance of ethics within the elections industry cannot be understated. While companies like Simply Voting are often involved in only a slice of organizational governance, platforms like our own can be critical in ensuring all stakeholders in the democratic process feel elections are conducted transparently and with integrity. Voting systems, and the companies and employees that maintain them, must engender trust in all those involved. To this end, we believe defining the ethics and values that all of us follow at Simply Voting is integral to servicing the needs of our customers and all other involved stakeholders.

Simply Voting maintains a Code of Ethics, which all employees are trained on and attest to on an annual basis. We also maintain an “ethics hotline” where employees or other outside parties may anonymously report ethical problems related to various areas of concern. An Ethics section has been added to our website, where you can read more about Simply Voting’s ethics, including our Code of Ethics and access to ethics related reporting.

We value our customer’s trust in our platform, in our employees, and in our business practices. We know that elections are often mission critical for organizations, and our promise to you is that we at Simply Voting will always strive to maintain the highest ethical principles and standards.