Logging Voter Activity

System Update

Today we introduced two improvements to the way voter activity is logged in the Election Manager:

Activity Log

Searchable Activity Log

The activity log is an audit trail of all significant activity related to the ballot. You can now search the activity log by Elector ID, by IP address, or by the type of activity.

Fine-Grained Logging

We now keep track of voter activity events leading up the final ballot submission. The “ballot opened” event reflects the voter accessing the ballot to start voting. The “ballot filled” event reflects the voter proceeding to the confirmation page. If a voter’s session is interrupted or if the voter changes her mind before final submission, you may find several “ballot opened” and/or “ballot filled” events leading up the “onlie vote” event.

These two improvements enhance the auditability of your election and also empower you to better help your voters. For example, if a voter reaches out to the election organizer needing assistance, you can now see where in voting process this particular voter “got stuck” and what steps remain to resolve the voter’s difficulty.