Social Media Sharing

Social Networks

Simply Voting now offers a Social Media Sharing feature to help you increase awareness about your voting events and boost voter participation.

Studies have shown how social pressure can encourage others to vote. That’s why we’ve created a tool that allows election organizers to quickly and easily turn voters into influential engagement evangelists.

Once the voter casts their ballot online, integrated Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+ buttons appear beneath the confirmation message, encouraging voters to promote the fact that they voted across those social networks. Voters can post a default message or personalize it.

All social shares include a link back to the voting website to drive voter participation. Other eligible voters connected to this person in their social network will see a relevant message in their newsfeed, keeping your election top of mind. They will be encouraged to vote thanks to positive peer pressure.

Self administered customers can begin making use of this new feature by simply checking off the Social Media Sharing checkbox on the Settings page of the Election Manager. Managed customers should contact support to get started today.