Voting Results Made Clear

Election Results

Today we introduced several improvements to the way voting results are reported:

Sorted By Votes

Voting options (i.e. the candidates or choices to select on the ballot) are now sorted by the number of votes they received rather than alphabetically. This makes it much easier to determine who has won.

Options are also sorted by 1st preference votes on single transferable vote (STV) questions, so it is easier to follow the STV process of eliminating and electing candidates.

Better Handling of Write-ins

Election organizers may allow voters to write-in options which are not explicitly listed on the ballot. Write-ins are now sorted by the number of votes, which may make it less obvious to find duplicates. For example, “John Doe” may be nowhere near “John D”. Therefore election organizers may now download a spreadsheet containing write-in data for further analysis.

Intuitive Percentages

For plurality questions where voters may select multiple questions, the percentage shown next to the number of votes is now based on the total selections rather than the total voters. This makes more sense as all percentages will add up to 100%.

Voter Summary

For each question, we’ve simplified the voter summary. This summary indicates how many electors voted on the question and how many abstained.

If have any questions or concerns about how these changes to results may affect your organization, please contact support.