Giving Back in 2022

Our bottom line mission at Simply Voting has always been providing secure, trustworthy, and efficient e-democracy solutions for the organizations we serve. But we also understand that companies can and should do more to have a positive impact on the world around them and the communities in which they exist.

Every year we survey our staff for potential charitable organizations that continue to make a difference in our community and the world, and internally we run our own secret ballot to determine where our charitable focus will go. We are pleased to announce that for 2022, Simply Voting has made a $15,000 donation to each of the following organizations:

Suicide Action Montreal (SAM)

With the belief that suicide is preventable, Suicide Action Montreal (SAM)’s mission is to help prevent it through greater access to information, quality services, and resources. SAM provides direct support to those who are lonely, depressed and contemplating suicide. SAM also assists those left behind by suicide including the family, the individual’s social network, and others. SAM provides prevention measures, such as education, awareness, and strategies towards prevention; provides a 24/7 telephone helpline and digital intervention line; and provides postvention to support recovery and healing. For more information, please visit

Mission Nouvelle Generation

Mission Nouvelle Generation is an organization that strives to help underprivileged people in their emotional, psychological, spiritual and material needs by providing support and guidance toward appropriate resources within the Mission. Services include: a food bank that provides food to over 1,500 families each week in Montreal; bike workshops that recycle and repair old bicycles; a low-cost general mechanical service; a community garden; and a store that offers new and used goods at low prices. For more information, please visit

Simply Voting is proud to support the missions and efforts of these charitable organizations.