COVID-19 and Simply Voting


As the world continues to adapt to the COVID–19 pandemic, many organizations, companies, and institutions are re-evaluating the way they interact with one another and conduct their day-to-day business.

Fortunately the impact on Simply Voting has been relatively mild. Demand for internet elections remains strong – in fact, stronger than ever due to a shift from in-person voting to remote voting due to social isolation measures. Our workforce is already equipped for and accustomed to telecommuting which, despite our beautiful office space, has always been a big part of our corporate culture. The data centres and other technical infrastructures of our voting system continue to perform at full service levels.

To prevent spread of the virus and safeguard Simply Voting’s operations we’ve taken a number of steps including:

  • Requiring all employees to telecommute except for a rotating skeleton staff at our office space.
  • Limiting non-essential business travel and using collaboration tools to conduct virtual meetings with our customers, partners and employees.
  • Ensuring that employees have flexible working arrangements and access to childcare to remain productive throughout school closures.
  • Following best practices recommended by local and international public-health authorities for safety and sanitizing procedures.
  • Closely monitoring our vendors and suppliers to minimize potential upstream risks to our service levels.

We wish to reassure our customers and those who are now seeking online voting services, that we are operating at full capacity and do not anticipate any disruption in our ability to deliver service throughout a prolonged pandemic environment. Simply Voting stands ready to ensure that e-democracy continues in these difficult and trying times.